Johnny Loco fietsen

Let us tell you the story that moved and inspired us.

It could all have happened roughly ten years ago on a deserted platform at Barcelona’s central station in late August 2005. Then again, we could be imagining things. Either way it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have been inspired. We were touched by the heart and soul of a unique personality whose life philosophy is so infectious that we couldn’t help but become his willing disciples.

He is Johnny Loco. We met him with several hours to spare, and the things he told us changed us profoundly. He left us at the platform, a little dazed, looking after his luggage, which consisted of an old rugged leather suitcase that had seen better days and a very sturdy beach cruiser bicycle. But he never returned. Strangely, it doesn’t matter.

We believe he is a man who makes his own way in life and although he’s fond of life’s small and large achievements, he is able to distantiate himself from his material belongings with the same enthusiasm that overtook him when he acquired them in the rst place.

He taught us that any given day is filled with times and places that provide the perfect backdrop for reflection and relaxation. You can capture a perfect moment without killing the day. When you stick to this way of life, you will automatically gravitate toward kindred spirits who share Johnny’s vision.